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Welcome to!

Donkeymails is launched at February 3th 2005. We want to thank all our advertisers and members for the great support to make this possible. Not a member yet Join Now! start cash and points which you can use to advertising on Donkeymails. If you are looking for advertising please visit our advertise page Click here to visit the advertise page!!.

Statistics Jan 2013
Total Members 750,000+
Total Payouts 1,900,000+
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Just read below to find the best option for Donkeymails (and other sites bitcoin) payouts!

Freebitco is the best Option for your Donkeymails (and other sites) payout! Click here to join

Why FreeBitCo is a great way for your (bitcoin) payout at Donkeymails! Sure for people with no bitcoin wallet or no idea about!

1. It is a great way to collect bitcoins from more websites together. (read more below)
2. Receive daily interest in your balance at Freebitco.
3. Free Weekly Lottery win Big BTC weekly!
4. Earn more Bitcoin on their great Faucet!
5. Multiply your bitcoins playing a PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO game!
6. Earn Reward and Lottery Tickets for each Faucet claim and for each referral Claim!
7. Great Referral Program!
8. Highly Secure website, Great Admin

How it works
1. Register your account Click here to join 2. After register login at your account.
3. Click on Deposit to get your Bitcoin Wallet this is your personal FreeBitCo Bitcoin wallet!!
4. Send us your FreeBitCo Bitcoin wallet via contact Click here to contact us
5. We change your payment info, after that request payout to get the money at your FreeBitCo Balance!
6. You get the balance at your FreeBitCo account and get Daily Interest!

This means you not can only use this wallet for your Donkeymails payout, but for all sites where you can request bitcoin payout!

The 2 Top Reasons to do this!
1. You receive daily interest at your balance.
2. You can collect bitcoin from more sites together to 1 Wallet! (your freebitco wallet)
Then ones you collect some more Bitcoins(parts) you can sell them to get real Cash. Selling options really depends on country.
A great way is get a blockchain wallet where you can easy sell them Click here to join BlockChain!

How you can earn more at FreeBitCo
1. Let your balance grow to get daily Interest!
2. Make a faucet claim each 5 Minuts!. (option "free btc")
3. Get lottery Tickets and Win a prize in Lottery!
4. Multiply your bitcoins in Hi-Lo Game!
5. Refer other members!
So don't wait Join FreeBitCo Today Click here!

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